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We offer a variety of classes from strength to cardio classes.

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Strength Specific

Strength and cardio go hand in hand in your daily life and fitness. In our STRENGTH sessions we will focus on the entire body with traditional lifts and accessory exercises. Our coaches will guide you and ensure your technique is optimal for proper movement. Some of the movements that will be used to increase your muscular strength will be the squat, bench press, deadlift, and landmine.


This class is for you with experience or little to none. If you have limited experience with barbell-style lifting, we recommend starting with low weights or just the barbell as a coach takes the time to teach you the proper movement. Combine the WORK CAPACITY class with our STRENGTH for peak performance and aesthetics. Through consistent effort and steady progress, muscular growth and development is inevitable.

Cardio (Work Capacity)

Our Work Capacity classes is our version of intense cardio! These classes are between 50-55 minutes long where you will be using a variety of equipment to attack the total body. Sandbags, dumbbells, barbells, sleds, landmines, echo bikes, ski ergs, rowers, and much more! With 50 yards of turf, there is plenty of space for our coaches to ensure you maintain a high heart rate and leave this workout completely satisfied and spent. The sessions are team-oriented, competitive, FUN, supportive, and guaranteeing optimal fitness results. All classes are capped at 28 to ensure you get the attention and guidance you need.

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A full body toning class that will direct your attention to primarily those abs and glutes. This class will be at a different speed compared to our other two formats to ensure those “beach body muscles” receive that time under tension. This class will be sure to have you feeling the work put in the following day. 


*Schedule subject to change. Please refer to WODIFY for our most up-to-date schedule.

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