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We offer a variety of classes for athletes of all ages and sports. Want your kid to take that next step in their athleticism? Want to make sure they succeed at every try out and competition? We have groups for all ages and different skill levels. We start as young as age 6 with our program and train up to the college and professional level. With our program we focus on technique, speed, strength, power, and movement. The athletes will learn to move efficiently while training to be injury resistant and endurance durable. Learn to jump high, run fast, and move! 

Rising Stars
Ages 6-10

The Rising Stars, your youngest group, is always packed with energy and excitement. Our coaches meet their expectations with drills and positional movements to help them everywhere
from the playground to their respective sport of choice. Every session begins with a warm-up to prime the body for movement, and every session ends with a competitive game for this group. These sessions are a great way to build a solid foundation for a young athlete’s introduction into

See you in September!

Ages 10-14

The Pros, our next skill level group up from Rising Stars, picks up the intensity. We begin to introduce proper technique and form when the body is moving weight or absorbing it. Our
coaches will focus on acceleration, deceleration, and change of direction to help enhance their performance in any sport. At this age is when the athlete begins to really starts to notice power
development in their first few steps. Speed, agility, and quickness will start to become more evident as they start to separate themselves from their peers in athleticism. If you want your child to learn the proper way to train without risk of injury, then these sessions are a must.

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 4PM-5PM

SPS May 2024 First Shoot-10.jpg
Ages 14 & Up

Our highest skill level group, the Veterans, is where we put it all together with these 60 & 90-minute sessions. These athletes are looking to advance and train at their highest potential in all sports. We focus on power and force development, while looking to give our athletes the edge
with speed and fluidity! There is a “universal athletic position” that translates to all sports, which is taught through proper movement and training. We are here to ensure your athletes reach their optimal performance level! We believe strongly in MOVING WEIGHT, NOT LIFTING IT. Through compound movements, landmines, sleds, plyometrics, and total body awareness, we will be able to help the athlete excel.


Monday: 7PM - 8PM (Speed)

Tuesday & Thursday: 10:30AM - 11:45AM & 6:00PM - 7:15PM

Friday: 10:30AM 9Big Brook or OB)

Next Level Athlete
Ages 14 & Up

The Next Level Athlete membership gives you a more one-on-one experience with our coaches. The programming is tailored more specifically to their needs and areas of weakness. Athletes in this program are able to focus solely on their skills that require improvement, but also still maintain their strength. This program also involves off-site sessions, whether at the field or the park for hill and speed training. Originally created and designed for NFL athletes, this program has evolved to target any athlete looking to fill every hole in their game. Furthermore, the added benefits of recovery equipment and nutritional guidance will ensure progress. There is a mandatory on-board session required to enroll in this program. During this on-board session we will do a slow motion video gait analysis, as well as test strength and speed numbers.


Monday – Friday – 545A-745A, 10A-12P, 3P-430P, 6P-730P
Saturday – 7A-830A, 1030A-1230P


*Schedule subject to change. Please refer to WODIFY for our most up-to-date schedule.

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